Internship - Sustainable and healthy natural thickeners for food application

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Are you a 3rd year university or university of applied sciences student in material science or food technology? And are you looking for a challenging internship starting in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2020 for a duration of 16 weeks? Cosun R&D offers you an interesting assignment!

What are you going to do?
In your assignment, you will study the food functional properties of low-processed cellulose- and pectin-rich fibers as alternatives for highly purified and processed cellulose fibers as thickener and stabilizer for food products.
The primary focus will be on fibrous material obtained by mild processing from sugar beet pulp, a side-stream of sugar production, in this way contributing to waste reduction and the development of more natural, more sustainable and nutritionally preferable (e.g. as a prebiotic) alternatives for highly purified and often chemically modified thickeners such as maltodextrins, gelatin, guar, xanthan gum and cellulose fibers. In this context you will study at laboratory scale the effect of variations in mild processing conditions on the functionality (rheology, emulsion and foam stabilizer) and the application in selected food products. By performing chemical characterization of the carbohydrates in the fibrous material, you will try to explain the observed variation in functionality on the basis of the molecular structural properties of the pectins and pectin fragments in synergy with cellulose fibers in the material.
The ultimate goal of your assignment, is to give an improved insight in the possibility of the use of low-processed fibrous plant material as a functional ingredient for food products.

Who are you
You are a 3rd year university or university of applied sciences student, with affinity for (and proven experience) with food physics and rheology. You are studying meatial science, food physics, food technology, or similar. You are available for an internship, for the duration of 16 weeks.
Furthermore we ask:
  • A pro-active, independent attitude and drive;
  • Affection for food physics and food rheology
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and/or Dutch
  • Knowledge of- and experience with MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)

Where are you going to work?
Cosun R&D is the knowledge and expertise center of Cosun, situated in the Cosun innovation center in Dinteloord. Cosun R&D provides services to the Cosun business groups and their customers by sharing its know-how and experience in a wide ranges of (R&D) competences. With this knowledge, our colleagues at Cosun R&D help to coordinate and initiate research and development Cosun wide. Additionally, Cosun R&D works together with the businessgroups to develop new and innovative applications of biomass. Our Cosun innovation center facilitates in experimental set ups for process analyses, research laboratories,
a pilot plant and our very own bakery, for testing new concepts.

During your internship you will be located at our Cosun innovation center in Dinteloord (located between Breda and Rotterdam).

Cosun is a modern, future-oriented cooperative, originated in the Netherlands and with the world as its field of activity. We work with thousands of growers, both members and suppliers. We know the enormous potential of plants and know how to convert them into usable solutions for every day.
Cosun not only produces vegetable ingredients and food for humans and animals, but also green, biobased solutions and energy.

How to apply
Are you interested in this challenging assignment? Please apply directly via the www.werkenbijcosun.nl and submit your CV and motivation letter. Richard Bakx (Cosun HR) will take your application into consideration.
For more information about this position, please contact George van Aken, senior scientist food physics and functionality, george.van.aken@cosun.com, +31165582855 / +31636516344.