Product Owner E connect program

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Aviko is in the middle of a transformation process that started 3 years ago, moving away from a predominant wholesale approach to an end user approach. Enablers to this transition are a CRM backbone (Salesforce) a data hub, new workflows and connective multidisciplinary teams, to an integrated applied  data driven approach in our marketing, sales supported through our customer services. The scope is multi departmental and pan european with global development We grow our business strategy with digital technology & content in the core of everything we do. The aim in mind: focus on where the customer journey begins and decision are made, increase effectiveness in revenue growth through seemless lead conversion. Aviko started the implementation, with in mind to have this business development strategy rolled out across Europe, having tooling in place (CRM, a data \ Intelligence Factory and Marketing Automation etc.) to drive effective processes and people that convert the new way of working in their approach to their markets.
Your job
This role is about people, process and tooling, including governing the development program, guiding proxy PO roles
The Program itself stretches to more and more elements of the business: developing PTP, implementing in countries in Europe and executing the program after implementation. We need a separate Product owner role to: 
  • To define vision, scope and roadmap
  • To prioritize
  • To own the backlog
  • To guide the development team, the scrum master
  • To represent the stakeholders
In this role we put the responsibility of developing the enablers (tooling), guiding the proxy PO members, monitoring effectiveness and continuous learning: test, learn and adjust mentality. The candidate is part of the Program Team and on a day to day basis reports functionally to the Program Manager, hierarchy lies with the Sponsor of the Program, the Marketing Director
Responsibilities of the Product Owner:
  • People:
    • Understands the requirements of the user group and their customers enabling the promise to “Deliver the greatest customer experience”
    • Collaborates with the development team
    • Manages the stakeholders
  • Strategy:
    • Create the product vision
    • Develop the product roadmap
    • Describe the user experience and product features
  • Learning and delivery:
    • Set the sprint goals and detail stories
    • Collect and analyze data to validate goal
    • Track the project progress
    • Manage the budget & strategic context
What you'll bring
Essential qualifications of the Product Owner:
  • Business savy in a B2B market environment
  • Big picture oriented
  • Strong commercial strategic orientation
  • Team player, connective skillset and a multi-level player
  • Open mind
  • Pragmatic
  • Multilingual with a combination of English & Spanish is a pre
  • Honesty, courage, respect
What Aviko offers
  • An open, people-oriented culture where you can be yourself and differences are appreciated
  • Every opportunity for professional and personal development within this playing field. Encouraged by your colleagues and made possible by the many training and course modules available within the Aviko Academy.
  • A multifaceted company with many (horizontal and vertical) career opportunities
  • A varied and dynamic job, intensive collaboration with skilled professionals in an international context: learn a lot, experience a lot, laugh a lot
  • A proud employer with an excellent overall package of employment conditions.
About Aviko
Aviko is the world’s largest European producer of fresh, frozen and dried potato products and one of the top four global market leaders for potato products. We’re proud of these achievements! Everyone at our 16 production locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Poland is passionate about providing our products to over 16 million consumers in more than 110 countries. Our objective is to unite people across the world and make sure everyone is able to enjoy our delicious, easy and high-quality products. Our drive is the great potential of our products and the impact this has on quality, service, innovation and sustainability within our chain: from farm to fork.